Supporting the Community Through "LI Pizza Strong" Initiative

In the wake of the tragic Farmingdale bus crash, Avco Boxes, a leader in pizza and bakery box manufacturing, has demonstrated exceptional community spirit. Collaborating with Phil’s Syosset and Dine LI, Avco Boxes played a pivotal role in the "LI Pizza Strong" fundraiser, a heartwarming initiative uniting 140 Long Island pizzerias in a noble cause.

This extraordinary event saw each participating pizzeria donate $5 from every pizza sold on October 25th. The collective efforts culminated in an astounding sale of 15,437 pizzas, raising over $102,200. This substantial amount will provide significant support to the families affected by the Farmingdale bus crash, including those critically and non-critically injured, as well as honoring the memory of educators Gina Pellettiere and Beatrice Ferrari who tragically lost their lives in the accident​​.

Avco Boxes, founded in 1989, has a long-standing tradition of supporting local communities. Known for their high-quality, USA-made pizza and bakery boxes, Avco's participation in "LI Pizza Strong" reflects their commitment to making a positive impact beyond business operations.

This event is a testament to the power of community collaboration in times of need. Avco Boxes extends its deepest gratitude to all pizzerias, volunteers, and community members who made "LI Pizza Strong" a resounding success.

Gil, the founder of Avco Boxes, emphasized, "Our involvement in 'LI Pizza Strong' reflects our deep commitment to the community. It's more than just making boxes; it's about being a part of something bigger and making a real difference where it counts." This initiative highlights Avco's focus on community impact alongside its business operations.

For those inspired by this initiative and looking to engage in similar charitable efforts, Avco Boxes is eager to lend support with their expertise in custom box manufacturing. Contact Avco Boxes for any "Boxes for a Cause" campaigns and be a part of making a difference in your community.

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